The Paintball Party Package: SPLATMASTER  (6-11yr olds only)

The marker is spring loaded and shoots at a velocity of 110 – 150 feet per second. This means that it doesn’t hurt to get hit by the ammo!

  • $225.00 + tax gives you two hours of private party
  • time ($40 deposit required)*.
  • 10 rental packages (splatmaster Z200 shotgun, full face protection goggle and chest/back protection) UNLIMITED paintballs during your party.
  • If you want more than 10 people in your party? Add players to the party for only 25.00 each.
  • If you do not have 10 people for your party, you are responsible for the full party price.


What is JT SplatMaster?
JT SplatMaster is a low impact product that shoots round color filled Ammo resulting in a Splat. The Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, non staining, and easily washes away with water. The JT SplatMaster z100 Pistol, z200 Shotgun and future marker models are spring loaded and shoot at a velocity of 110-150 feet per second. At this speed, you can see the Ammo in the air before you see the satisfaction of your Splat.
JT SplatMaster was engineered so kids (and adults!) ages 9+ could easily load, cock, and fire. The markers are also very light, yet sturdy, and easy for kids 9+ to handle. After learning the safety basics, new SplatMasters should start by shooting targets and advance to obstacle course activities. Advanced JT SplatMasters may graduate to player versus player competition.
JT SplatMaster opens the door of opportunity to a new age demographic. The JT SplatMaster’s light weight, low impact design is the perfect platform to introduce a new age group into the world of shooting sports. As the SplatMasters progress and develop their skill set, they will seek advancement to the next level. This natural progression will direct them to .68 cal Paintball. JT SplatMaster is a “Stepping Stone” for introducing players to .68 cal Paintball.
Targeted at youth age 9-12, SplatMaster is a collection of low impact products that shoots smaller
caliber paintballs, called SplatMaster Ammo, 110-150 feet per second (depending on model). SplatMaster Ammo is specially designed to fly straight, break on impact, and clean up easy. The SplatMaster line has been created to provide a younger demographic as well as those who don’t currently participate in paintball a low impact option to “ease” into shooting sports. With the focus being on safety, skills and a fun experience, SplatMaster also focuses on the “Splat”, adrenalin, and satisfaction that comes from the success of “marking” your target.
JT SplatMaster is active play for the entire family. Safe, fun, accurate – Get in the Game!
Is JT SplatMaster the same as .50 cal Paintball?
Other than the similarity in the size of the ball, NO! They are two extremely different concepts.
JT SplatMaster is designed to introduce a new age group to shooting sports with an eventual progression to .68 cal paintball. JT SplatMaster equipment is light weight, low impact, low velocity, and specifically engineered to increase the overall experience of the beginner. JT SplatMaster Ammo is designed to break at low impact and clean up with ease. Overall investment is extremely affordable.
.50 cal paintball was designed to replace .68 cal paintball as a cost savings initiative. The equipment used for .50 cal paintball is based off the .68 cal equipment with slight modifications, leaving marker weight an issue for the younger age group. The .50 cal markers shoot a high impact 300+ fps. In addition to increased impact, at this velocity a first time player will have a difficult time seeing the ball in flight. Cost to upgrade an entire rental fleet to .50 cal is substantial.
What does it feel Like to Get Hit?
This is the number one question players and parents are concerned with. JT SplatMaster has been engineered to work with a special formulation of Ammo that breaks on impact at low speeds. The SplatMaster z100 and z200 are powered by spring loaded air pressure, meaning the ammo only travels between 110 and 150 feet per second. Comparably – a paintball travels at close to 300 feet per second. In addition, the SplatMaster Ammo is roughly 1/3rd the size of a normal .68 caliber paintball, so the energy that is in SplatMaster Ammo is significantly less than that of a paintball. The advantage of SplatMaster Ammo is that it breaks on contact. Unlike airsoft, the SplatMaster Ammo breaks and spreads it energy, this decreases the pain of being hit. Breaking dispels the energy in the ball over a larger surface area, decreasing the energy in one specific spot.

Z200 Shotgun is offered with our packages.

Features: Smooth, Quick Pump Action Holds 15 rounds of JT SplatMaster Ammo Spring Action Firing No batteries or CO2 needed Shoots up to 100 feet Marksman accuracy up to 50 feet SWAT style pistol grip for genuine feel Shoots JT SplatMaster Ammo (not included)



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