Safety First

Your safety is our first priority.

As with most “Extreme” sports, paintball has its inherent risks. We do pride ourselves on being the most safety-conscious field you will ever visit. Our staging and parking areas are protected from the playing fields by specially designed paintball safety netting that keeps you safely separated from the action on the fields. All players are required to use special “barrel blocking devices” that greatly reduce the danger of accidental discharges of markers. Our reffing staff has been trained and certified by the WPF (World Paintball Federation) in the latest safety procedures and policies. All walk-on groups are given safety briefings before they step on the field so everyone understands the best way to avoid trouble. We maintain and constantly monitor all markers (rental and personal equipment) brought onto our playing fields to make sure they are shooting within recognized safe limits.

Paintball is a fun and exciting sport. We strive to keep it that way.

Tank’s Paintball Park requires all players to use approved “Barrel Bags”. Barrel Bags must be used at all times while players are not on the playing fields or chronograph areas. The use of Barrel Plugs no longer constitute adequate protection. ALL PLAYERS must use Barrel Bags.



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